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Our story

SALT Beauty was born to the scent of acetone, good coffee, fine champagne, and daily chatter.


As a salon owner, this has always been music (and art) to my ears and nose. 


They say every spa needs a luxurious product range to complement it, and SALT Beauty was no different.  As a dedicated advocate for the beauty industry, I've always sought inspiration, indulging in luxurious experiences to understand what true luxury feels like. From premium hotel visits to exotic getaways, I've witnessed the art of creating a truly exceptional experience.  With SALT Beauty, I wanted to leave my mark by offering premium beauty products that captured the essence of luxury for everyday use.


From Inspiration to Innovation:

Little did I realize what an incredible impact these products would have on the trajectory of my business.  Clients fell in love (and so did I!).  These products became my passion, a way to share my love for beauty and empower others to create their own havens of luxury. Running the salon was fulfilling, but motherhood shifted my priorities.


A Change of Course:

Becoming a mother transformed me. My vision changed. The flexibility to be present for my family became paramount.  Being tied to a salon no longer felt like the perfect fit. I craved the freedom to work from home, to witness those ballet concerts and soccer games that I might otherwise miss.


Embracing a New Chapter:

In February 2024, I made the difficult decision to sell the salon and focus on SALT Beauty products online.  While the service industry was rewarding, I wanted more control over brand representation.  Motherhood softened me, and I yearned to build a brand built on love and empowerment.


Luxury Redefined:

SALT Beauty products are crafted with care, love, and the earth in mind. They bring a luxurious sense of elegance and sophistication to every home environment.  More importantly, they support local artisans, tell rich stories of my African heritage, and transform spaces with soulful fragrances.  These are the elements that truly define luxury for me – creating beauty that resonates on a deeper level.


A Community of Beauty:

My vision of making the world a more beautiful space has taken on a new form.  Now, instead of providing 1:1 services, I can infuse luxury and beauty into countless homes, one curated product at a time.  SALT Beauty is about creating a community – we're the bestie you always desired, the one to make you feel empowered with incredible products formulated with the environment in mind.


Spill the tea on your self-care struggles! We've got your back (and your bath time). We're here to help you create a beautiful life, filled with moments of self-care and indulgence.


The Future of SALT Beauty:

We're committed to continuous growth.  In the future, you can expect to see an expanded SALT Beauty range with more sustainable refill options. We're also dreaming of placing our products in the restrooms of fine dining restaurants and boutique hotels, bringing a touch of SALT Beauty luxury to even more spaces.


Every one of our products is a labor of love, crafted with your home and well-being in mind.  Join us on this journey of creating a more beautiful world, one luxurious moment at a time.

Salt Beauty
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